Saptabidhanottar Puja and Prayer Ceremony at मरू सतः Kasthamandap

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Monday, December 19, 2016 at 8 AM – 5 PM
Maru Tole, Kasthamandap


Purpose: To honor and celebrate the opening of the Mandap-shaped nine-pit foundation of Kasthamandap (मरू सतः), which is possibly being done for the first time since Kasthamandap was built in the 7th century AD.

Activities: The following four specific prayer rituals will be conducted on top of the foundation of Kasthamandap, each of which has a specific form and function, in line with tantrik Vajrayan Buddhist tradition:
Saptabidhanottar Puja — for the welfare of all sentient beings. Conducted by 5 colorfully attired priests representing the five abstract Buddhas (Pancha Buddha), assisted by 15 priests.
Pancharakshya Scripture Recitation — invoke the 5 protective methods to prevent possible misfortune in the upcoming major task of the reconstruction of Kasthamandap. Performed by 100 priestesses in red uniform.
Sadharma Pundarika Scripture Recitation — for immediate solution of potential problems. Performed by 30 priests.
Ashta Bhairav Puja — to pay homage to the eight shrines of Bhairav surrounding the wooden mandap, Kasthamandap.

Highlights: Thayapa (elders) from the 18 important Buddhist monastic complexes of Kathmandu will be honored to launch the ceremony, with a ritual procession welcoming them to the ceremony venue. Namasangatti Charya dance will be performed in artistic attire in the evening.

Ambience: The entire event will have an auspicious, celebratory atmosphere, with colorful, elaborate visual and audio displays. As the ceremony aims to spread the good news of the imminent reconstruction of Kasthamandap, it will have a festive mood throughout.

Public participation: Thousands of devotees will participate in this ceremony, either as donors to support different components of the activities, or as spectators who attend the event to receive karmic benefit from being a part of the holy event.

Chief Priest: Yagya Man Pati Bajracharya, author and reputed scholar of Vajrayan Buddhism

Organizer: Campaign to Rebuild Kasthamandap, in collaboration with Shrikhanda Tarumul Mahabihar (सिंख्वं मू बहाः), Maru

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